Reboots are always a tricky type of filmmaking endeavor. Either you love them or you hate them. They invite comparisons to their original inspiration, and when the original is as beloved as Ghostbusters, fans can get a bit intense about the whole thing. People have lambasted the Paul Feig's Ghostbusters from day one, and all eyes have been on it to actually make us laugh when it finally hit theaters.

Against all odds, Ghostbusters seems to have done the impossible: it's actually a funny movie. Opinions will vary regarding whether or not it can rival the original, but the abundant humor evident throughout this modern version of the classic film should prove more than enough to silence the haters. Having said that, we've compiled a list of the nine funniest moments in the latest Ghostbusters film. Now let's the ball rolling with No. 1.

The Opening Museum Tour

Paul Feig has a very distinct comedic sensibility as a filmmaker, and Ghostbusters lets you know that you're watching a Feig movie almost instantaneously. The film opens on a young man (Silicon Valley's Zach Woods) leading a tour group through a museum, professionally spouting off ridiculous facts with deadpan precision. Between absurd historical tidbits about "face bidets," and "Irish defense systems" to describe the supposed luxury of an old 19th century Victorian manor, we as an audience immediately know that we're in for a movie that will make us double take or think twice when we hear a hilarious one-liner.

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