When you're a celebrity in the public eye it's pretty much expected that you will be the butt of jokes; it's difficult to avoid. Matt Damon was among many targets in Team America: World Police, and the actor recently spoke about his caricature in puppet form. One might expect that Damon would be mildly insulted that his character in the film is only capable of saying his own name in the film. Either that, or maybe the actor took it in good fun and laughed along with everybody else. As it turns out, his reaction isn't really either of those things. He's mostly just confused by it.

I was always kind of bewildered by Team America, I think because it's hard for us to understand what our images are in public, I think we're not good judges of that, and when I saw myself on screen just only able to say my own name and not really that well, I kind of wondered "Wow, is that how people perceive me?" At that point I just kind of was like, I'm a screenwriter and an actor, and like really? I can barely say my own name?

Read the rest of his quote right here!

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