This Supercut Of Mel Gibson Screaming Will Make Your Throat Hurt

Many actors become known for particular nuances that tend to repeat themselves in different performances. William Shatner pauses a lot when delivering dialogue. Harrison Ford likes to point. As it turns out, Mel Gibson's thing is screaming, grunting, and just making noises. A new YouTube supercut has combined many of Mel's various sounds, and it's the most bizarre thing we've seen in awhile.

As is to be expected, the majority of the screams and shouts come from his more action focused movies, like the Lethal Weapon series, usually while he's beating the shit out of somebody, or getting it beaten out of him. Although, the brawl he has with a hand puppet in The Beaver is pretty great. From there, we devolve into just general guttural sounds: grunts, groans, gasps, etc. A disproportionate number of them seem to come from Maverick for some reason. That's something we hadn't previously noticed.

At over 10 minutes in length, this supercut, put together by OwenergyStudios, is absolutely epic. The work that was required to put it together, considering that no clip is no more than a couple seconds long, is amazing. Also, while you get to watch some great films, like Braveheart, and some fun movies, like the Lethal Weapon series, you also have to sit through such terrible pieces of crap like Bird on a Wire. Then, you have to cut together all of these noises. What happens when you put together eight minutes of this, only to realize you're not close to being done yet?

Of course, what this video really shows us is what a long career Mel Gibson has had. There are clips here from 1981's Gallipoli as well as several more recent films. Due to some personal issues, Gibson took something of a hiatus from acting from 2005 to 2010, but he's been slowly making his way back recently. He'll be taking his shot at doing a Taken-style older man action movie with Blood Father in just a couple of weeks. Then in November, he'll be releasing his return to the director's chair with Hacksaw Ridge. After viewing the trailer for Blood Father again, there are certainly a couple of sighs that could be added to this cut, and with the fight sequences, and a mobile home being knocked over with Mel inside it, we're sure there're a lot more vocal noises in the movie as well.

What do you think of the Mel Gibson sound effects supercut? Do you have a favorite noise, gasp, or scream? Which is your favorite of the movies featured here? Let us know in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
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