The Rock’s Fast 8 Prison Scene Looks Even Crazier In New Photo

Dwayne Johnson has been quite active on his Instagram account while on the set of Fast 8. As such, we know quite a bit about what's in store for his character in the sequel. However, the more we see, the crazier it all seems to get. We knew that Hobbs was going to prison for some reason in the film. Now we know that when he gets there he's going to have some trouble - though it's apparently nothing he can't handle.

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Several weeks ago, Dwayne Johnson posted an image of himself in an orange jumpsuit with his arms and legs shackled. We don't know why Hobbs is in prison. We know that the character will be in a pretty dark place following being stripped of all he has. What exactly leads him to prison is not clear, but it really doesn't matter. What matters is that The Rock promised us one hell of a prison riot in Fast 8, and all signs point to the blockbuster delivering in a big way.

If there's one man who we might actually believe could take on an entire prison, both other inmates, and guards, it would be Dwayne Johnson. In this still shot, we see Hobbs standing tall with a number of bodies in his wake, including a couple he looks to have just taken down. One guy is flying backwards, probably after taking a shot from Johnson's elbow; the other looks to be in the middle of a full-on spin through the air. The Rock's clothesline has done that to people in the WWE before, though a wrestling ring usually has more give to it than a concrete floor.

There has been a lot of suggestion that Fast 8 will be a major movie for Dwayne Johnson and Hobbes. While we've seen a great deal from The Rock's Instagram account surrounding his time filming in Iceland, it doesn't appear that any of the other major actors are there, which implies this entire sequence in prison, which could be a short scene or a major part of Fast & Furious 8, is all about Hobbs and nobody else.

Of course, the other reason we're probably not seeing much else is that they don't want us to. The Rock does many things very well, and that includes his ability to lead an audience exactly where he wants them to go. This sort of material is exactly the kind of thing that will get people excited without giving away too much. Exactly how the prison scenes tie into the larger film is probably the information they don't want us to have, because that's what will really give away the game.

Does The Rock's slow drip of Fast 8 material have you excited for the new movie? We'll get to see where this is all headed when the blockbuster hits screens next April.

Dirk Libbey
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