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The Rock Looks Scary And Angry In Prison In New Fast 8 Photo

As a general rule, one should not mess with The Rock. If, for whatever reason, one needs to be reeducated on that rule, we'll just show you what the guy looks like in the last place you'd ever want to meet him. Dwayne Johnson has released a new image of himself on the set of Fast 8 and this guy looks pretty much ready to hurt whoever is holding the camera. Just because he's chained doesn't mean we feel safe.

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We would never accuse The Rock of ever fucking around, but just be sure, he included the information in his photo caption. Also, apparently #OrangeAintTheNewBlack. It's not clear whether Rocky is saying he's not a fan of the style of his prison jumpsuit or remarking that there aren't any women locked up in this facility. Dwayne Johnson has sent several shots of different parts of filming Fast 8 on location in Iceland. He's gone to calling himself the Iceman in these pictures, as he does here. He certainly looks stone cold, no, wait...that was the other guy.

Of course, we have to wonder why Dwayne Johnson is in prison orange to begin with. When we last saw him, he was locking up Deckard Shaw, not getting locked up himself. Has Hobbs been having a little too much fun hanging out with the wrong crowd in between movies? Or is he undercover in an Icelandic prison to get information, or to help break somebody out? Personally, we're going with prison break, because why else would you need something like this monstrosity of a vehicle unless you needed to tear down a couple of prison walls.

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Whatever the reason for Hobbs' change of wardrobe and location, it doesn't really matter. By combining all of the images that Dwayne Johnson is sending out, we can already imagine the action sequences that the movie could be setting up, and if the end result is half as cool as what we're dreaming about, the newest Fast & Furious entry could be the best yet.

Fast 8, is shaping up to be a solid action movie. In addition to the return of most of our favorite characters, we're also getting new people like Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren joining the franchise. Fast 8 is scheduled for release in April of 2017. The Iceman Cometh, how excited are you to see his arrival?

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