Who Should Star In Space Jam 2, According To Michael Jordan

Space Jam 2 is a real thing that's really happening. While the film is going to star LeBron James, it appears that if anybody had asked the original lead human actor who he wanted to see, they would have received a different answer. Michael Jordan was recently asked, at what appears to be some sort of basketball summer camp, who he would have chosen to lead Space Jam 2. He didn't say LeBron James.

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The Instagram video cuts out immediately after Michael Jordan gives his opinion, so we don't get to see if there's any follow-up. While Space Jam 2 will likely require multiple NBA stars to take roles of various sizes as the first one did, the question here wasn't simply who should be in it, but who should take the lead. LeBron James has been in that spot for literally years before Space Jam 2 was ever officially happening, but it looks like MJ isn't sold on him.

Blake Griffin is a five-time NBA all-star with the Los Angeles Clippers. He may not be the household name that LeBron James is, but he's certainly known by basketball fans. You've probably seen him around on various commercials as well, as he's got his share of endorsement deals. While getting a good word from Michael Jordan is unlikely to actually change anything as it regards the lead in the film, it may be good news for Griffin's chances to appear in the film at all. The NBA star has previously stated that he grew up as a fan of the original and would jump at a role in the sequel. If he wasn't on the shortlist before, he may be now. Assuming, of course, that egos don't get in the way; but this is professional sports, when does that happen?

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As utterly bizarre as it may seem, Space Jam 2 is looking to be a real production with solid people working on it. While the original was little more than a feature-length Nike commercial, the script for the sequel is currently being written by Justin Lin, who is coming off a critical success with one of the best reviewed recent Star Trek movies. Considering that the project was only given the official green light about three months ago, it seems to be heading down a fast track to production, after remaining in development hell for years.

While LeBron James will be a major part of Space Jam 2, his production company is producing the film after all, it's certainly possible that somebody like Blake Griffin could still be a major player. Basketball is a team sport, maybe the movie will take five players and make it an ensemble cast movie rather than a starring vehicle for one. Of course, if they do that, we have to wonder where the Looney Tunes would fit in. Half or more of the charm of the original _Space Jam _was seeing Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck alongside Michael Jordan.

Do you agree with Michael Jordan? Would Blake Griffin have been a better lead for Space Jam 2 than LeBron James? Let us know what you think below.

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