Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’s Trailer Is Coming Very Soon, Here’s What We Know

Resident Evil Final Chapter

Action franchises come in all shapes and sizes these days, but video game movie franchises often represent the bottom of the barrel. Over the years Hollywood has adapted numerous major video game series, typically with lackluster results. One of the few series to gain any real traction is the Milla Jovovich fronted Resident Evil series, which has seen five installments over the last 15 years. We've been waiting anxiously for our first good look at the final entry in the long-running franchise---aptly titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter -- and Jovovich recently took to Twitter to reveal when the trailer will finally drop.

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According to Milla Jovovich's tweet we're going to see the first ever trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter very, very soon. She revealed that the trailer will hit the web on August 9, and she will proctor a Twitter Q&A session to accompany the preview's release. Beyond that she gave no indication as to the nature of the trailer's content, just that it's on the way and that she will take social media to answer any and all fan questions regarding the upcoming film.

The trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will really represent the first major glimpse at the upcoming video game adaptation. Although we've reported extensively about the film over the last year, we still know very little about its actual narrative. At this point all we can really confirm is that The Final Chapter will take place immediately after Resident Evil: Retribution, and that Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter will reprise their respective roles as Alice and Claire Redfield.

If there's one major aspect of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter that has us excited, it's the fact that the film will truly represent the "final" installment in the series. These days action franchises constantly strive for longevity, and as a result the filmmakers often feel like they need to end on cliffhangers that set up future films. With the Resident Evil series actually coming to an end after almost 15 years, The Final Chapter will seemingly offer us a definitive conclusion to Alice's story during which anything can (and should) happen.

Our anticipation for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter feels further enhanced by the film's behind the scenes drama. Recently it was reported that a crewmember died on set while filming in a major set piece for the action blockbuster, and as such that tragedy has loomed over much of the film's publicity. At this point all eyes are on the film to honor the crewmember's tragic passing while closing out the series on a high note.

We will bring you all of the latest and greatest news pertaining to Resident Evil: The Final Chapter as more information becomes available to us. The first official trailer for the upcoming video game movie will drop on August 9, and the film will finally hit theaters on January 27, 2017.

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