The Murder On The Orient Express Remake Has Hit A Setback, Get The Details

Murder On The Orient Express Poirot

Considering that Murder On The Orient Express has been trying to get its latest cinematic remake on track since at least 2013, one would think that there have been numerous obstacles blocking the project from leaving the station. Well if that sentiment wasn't true before, it surely must be at this point, as potential cast member Angelina Jolie has bailed on the Agatha Christie adaptation before she's even had a chance to climb aboard.

Variety scooped the info on Jolie's official departure from the Kenneth Branagh helmed project, while also noting that while she was reported as in contention for one of the film's many roles, she was never officially signed to the project. Murder On The Orient Express tells the tale of a particularly fateful train ride, involving Christie's famed detective, Hercule Poirot. With the murder of an American citizen being the crime at hand, Poirot must crack the clues and determine which passenger is the culprit, before time runs out. Branagh is slated to play the role of Poirot, while Angelina Jolie was not linked to any role in particular.

We can't help but feel a little disappointed, considering that the prospect of Angelina Jolie joining the cast of an Agatha Christie ensemble cast is something we'd be all in for in a heartbeat. With her ability to play both sides of the coin at any time, having an actor like Jolie in a period heavy ensemble piece is a recipe for an interesting film, at the very least. Though, considering how good she is at deceiving her audience, Angelina Jolie may have served to be too confusing a suspect in Murder On The Orient Express.

The Tourist Angelina Jolie

While Angelina Jolie is out for Murder On The Orient Express, and the film is penciled in for a November 2017 release date, it would be a good idea to fill the role that Jolie may have taken as soon as possible. The good news is, an alternate choice is already in the works, as the equally talented Charlize Theron is rumored to be the next potential candidate for the mystery role at hand.

While she's not the only actor being considered for the time being, Theron would be just as effective of a ringer as Jolie would have been, and should she sign on in the near future, her casting would presumably keep this film on the right track. That being said, Murder On The Orient Express is projected for a November 22, 2017 release date, so don't be surprised if more casting announcements occur in the near future for this exciting project.

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