Suicide Squad just finished its first weekend in the United States, and while most reviews haven't been kind, the movie has been doing quite well for itself commercially. Earlier this year, there was talk about Suicide Squad 2, and with all the money the first movie is hauling in and the praise many of the main characters are receiving, it's hard to imagine that Warner Bros won't consider adding a sequel to the film slate. If that happens, one of the questions on our minds is which villain(s) the team will battle in the second round.

The Suicide Squad doesn't have a rogues gallery akin to Batman and the Flash, but they do have a number of notable adversaries that have given them trouble, from individuals to gigantic organizations. If Suicide Squad 2 becomes a reality, here are the top five folks we'd like to see the team of criminals battle to keep the world safe, whether they want to or not.


When John Ostrander revitalized the Suicide Squad in the 1980s, one of the first challenges he threw at the characters was a terrorist organization called the Jihad, which was later renamed Onslaught. One of their later members was a man named Antiphon, and the reason we mention him specifically is because he was rumored to be Suicide Squad's main villain, with Ed Harris rumored to play him. That was later debunked, but there's no reason they couldn't still be brought in for Suicide Squad 2. In the comics, Onslaught is entirely comprised of superpowered mercenaries. However, perhaps for the DCEU, they could tone them down so that the main operatives are normal, and only Antiphon has the special powers (if they follow his comic book counterpart, then he's a speedster). If they want to keep that element faithful, then make it so only those closet to Antiphon (folks like Chimera, Djinn, Manticore, etc) are granted abilities, and the underlings will rely on traditional weaponry to enforce Onslaught's will.

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