What Amanda Waller’s Creator Thought Of Suicide Squad

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After months of anticipation and waiting, David Ayer's Suicide Squad has finally hit theaters. While reviews for the film have been less than favorable, you can't argue that the villainous movie helped truly flesh out and expand the still infant DC Extended Universe. The new blockbuster introduced a ton of characters, including a motley crew of villains and government official Amanda Waller, played by the incomparable Viola Davis. And since Suicide Squad contains characters that are still fairly young in the DC comics world, their creators have the unique privilege of seeing their creation up on the big screen. But the question is, do they like how their character was adapted?

Amanda Waller was created by three distinct comic book writers, one of which being John Ostrander. The man behind Waller recently took to Facebook to share his thoughts on Suicide Squad, presumably related to Amanda Waller's portrayal in the newest installment of the DCEU. Check it out below.

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Looks like we have another comic book aficionado who is actually a fan of Suicide Squad. The film has had its fair share of negative reviews, so the approval of an actual DC legend could truly make a difference in getting the community and fandom out to the movie theaters. With Marvel so far ahead of DC in regards to serialized storytelling and shared universes, DC is definitely going to take any positive attention it can.

Suicide Squad seems to be just as divisive and problematic as the previous two entries in the DC Extended Universe. Just like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the newest entry into the DCEU has gotten a pretty chilly reception from critics. While reviewers applauded the individual performances (including Viola Davis' Amanda Waller), the overall narrative and pace of the film have been pretty universally panned. Its current rating on Rotten Tomatoes is a ghastly 26%, despite basically everyone really wanting the movie to be good.

Of course, reviews aren't always the method which measures success for Hollywood blockbusters. In fact, success is usually more related to money, and Suicide Squad is making a shit ton of it. They've already broken records for best August opening day, as well as the most pre-sale tickets sold at Fandango. So even if critics aren't a big an of David Ayer's adventure, we'll probably be getting some sequels in the near future.

Viola Davis signed a deal for three movies, so Amanda Waller is going to be in movie theaters for a few adventures in the DCEU. With the character's creator on board, only time will tell how more badass she gets as time goes on.

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