The summer blockbuster season has begun to draw to a close, and that means the worst heroes ever have finally landed at the box office. David Ayer's Suicide Squad blasted into theater this weekend, and while it has been met with some mixed reviews, the critics and fans seem united around one thing: the characters absolutely rock. Regardless of any problems the film may have, that's one area where they nailed it.

Adapting comic book characters to the silver screen can present an interesting challenge, as certain changes almost always have to be made. From top to bottom Suicide Squad does a fantastic job of faithfully adapting the members of Task Force X, but some villains came out better than others. With that in mind we've ranked the members of the Suicide Squad in order from least comic book accurate to most comic book accurate. Out of all the villains, let's get the ball rolling with Suicide Squad's big bad...


While Suicide Squad gets the basic elements of Cara Delevingne's Enchantress right, the film also makes some severe alterations to the character in the process. Chiefly, her appearance has been radically altered to look closer to a demon than the cleaner witch we know from the source material. June Moone's origin story also experiences a radical set of changes, as Suicide Squad turns the character into an ill-fated archaeologist who fall into a cave, rather than an artist who happens upon Enchantress' powers during a costume party in a castle. For the tone and style of the DCEU, those changes seem like the right idea.

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