The First International Trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Is Creepy And Action-Packed

After so very many years, the Resident Evil film franchise is ready to wrap up. The first trailer for the appropriately named Final Chapter is here, and it has all the gun-toting, zombie killing insanity we would expect. While a good portion of this first international trailer is given over to clips from the previous films, we do also get enough new stuff to know that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is going to leave everything on the screen for their last gasp. Check it out.

Since this is the international trailer, it gives the film its international title, Biohazard. Both the movies, and the video game series on which it is based, were originally called that, before becoming Resident Evil when they came over to North America. As far as the trailer itself goes, if you're a big enough fan of the Resident Evil franchise then you'll recognize much of the trailer from previous films. Milla Jovovich waking up naked in a shower is where the first movie opens, (in fact, she wakes up naked more than once in the series). However, we do get some new footage in the trailer as well, including Alice's return to Raccoon City, the place where it all started, as well as a look at Game of Thrones Iain Glen, who looks to be playing the film's antagonist.

The Resident Evil series is the closest thing that the video game genre has had to successful adaptation. While none of the films in the series are going to win anybody Oscars for acting or directing, from a financial standpoint, each one has had varying degrees of success. Internationally, the movies bring in massive box office numbers. Domestically the films have not been quite as big, but their box office has been nothing to sneeze at. The success is likely due to the film's decision to not tell stories that are pulled directly from the games, and instead, to just take their inspiration from the games, and tell a story that includes as much over the top action as they can cram in. It's worked so far.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter looks to be no different. If anything, they'll likely try their best to outdo their previous efforts. This one apparently has some sort of zombie pterodactyl, or possibly a zombie dragon, so we're guessing they've thrown the rule book right out the window.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

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