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Comic-Con is essentially the holy grail for nerds like us. Every summer, fans unite to geek out over their favorite TV show or movie, see cool panels, and get the first trailers of upcoming projects. Those trailers are one of the most exciting moments, as even those not in attendance are able to see the footage almost immediately after it airs. This was the case at San Diego Comic-Con, where we got the first trailer from Zack Snyder's upcoming Justice League movie. But while this was exciting for fans everywhere, we couldn't help but notice one glaring thing missing: where the heck were the action sequences? It turns out it was a purposeful choice by none of that than Zack Snyder himself.

Charles Roven, who is a major producer of DC's big screen films, recently spoke to The Wall Street Journal about all things DC. When he was asked about the lack of action of Justice League's Comic-Con trailer, he explained the following:

I think one of the things Zack really wanted to do, because everybody knows that Zack certainly has an ability to shoot action, was to just say, 'Hey, I can do this, too.' It doesn't have to be all action. These characters are going to be different once they begin to interact with each other.

Honestly, this sounds like the perfect reason to withhold action from the trailer. Zack Snyder seems to be cognizant of the criticism for his previous two DC adventures, and is ready to make some changes in order to move the DC Extended Universe forward.

justice league

Both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice suffered pretty seriously from their icy critical responses. While visually stunning, both films suffered from poor character development and a lack of intriguing dialogue. Sure, we got to see Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman fight against Doomsday in Dawn of Justice, but Supes had a surprisingly minuscule amount of dialogue to work with. So Justice League's trailer was something new; we saw the likes of The Flash and Batman having some witty banter, and it appears that the superhero team-up movie is going to be quite different from its predecessors.

Check out Justice League trailer below.

See the difference?

Personally, I think the DCEU could benefit from some levity in its future installments. Suicide Squad was a positive step toward this goal, but now that Ezra Miller's Flash is going to be heavily featured in Justice League, we can probably expect some serious humor in Zack Snyder's next big screen adventure.

Do you think Zack Snyder made the right call? Sound off in the comments below.

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