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The on-set feud between The Rock and Vin Diesel has been some of the hottest recent gossip within Hollywood, but while we originally thought the issues had been put in the rearview mirror, it now appears that may not be the case. While all sources seem to indicate that The Rock and Diesel are now cool, or are at least willing to get the job the done, there appears to be some residual animosity toward The Rock, for making the issue public in the first place. quotes an agent who reps a "Fast 8 principal" as saying...

Everyone was shocked that The Rock posted that. That was seen as kind of unacceptable.

Everybody was shocked last week when The Rock took to his Instagram account and gave both barrels to some his "male co-stars." He referred to them as "candy asses" a phrase he hadn't used since his last WWE promo, and also used the words "chicken shit," ones that the modern WWE would really not approve of. It was a surprising move on the actor's part to air his grievances in public. It was a move that not everybody is happy he made. What happens on Fast 8, stays on Fast 8. That appears to be the sentiment that at least some working the movie are holding. It's not too surprising. Nobody likes it when their dirty laundry gets aired in public, and that includes people making movies. The issue appears to be based around the fact that Vin Diesel often left his co-stars and the crew waiting around while he hung out in his trailer. It sounds like this had been something of an on-going issue, which meant everybody was used to dealing with it, and perhaps wasn't even that bothered by it anymore.

The Rock

What's not clear is whether the people unhappy with The Rock are just annoyed with him, or truly angry. Will this frustration blow over, or are we on the verge of another major Fast 8 blow up because people don't like the way Dwayne Johnson handled the last one? Universal executives had to step in to get Vin and Rocky to sit down and hash things out. If those same executives are the people who really wish Rock had stayed quiet, there could be some much larger consequences here.

While it appears that the current issues have been resolved, this will likely still be a franchise to keep our eyes on. There are at least two more sequels planned after this one and one has to assume that both Vin Diesel and The Rock will be hanging around for both of them. They're too big not to be. However, we could see relative roles change size, or potentially end up with the two characters spending a lot of time apart on-screen. Time will tell.

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