Now Henry Cavill Is Sporting A Very Classic Superman Look On The Justice League Set, Check It Out

Recent hints from the Justice League movie have given us the idea that the next time we see Superman, he'd be looking very different. However, the newest images imply a very classic look. Not only is he wearing the classic red and blue suit, but he's got a hairstyle very reminiscent of the old-school Superman look, complete with spit-curl.

UPDATE: It is being reported that this photo, though recently shared, is actually a hold over from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We'll continue to investigate.

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This shot, taken of Henry Cavill on the set of Justice League, shows him looking significantly different than we have seen in the past. Cavill's Superman has always had slicked back hair, but here we seem him with a cute little curl hanging down on his face. It's interesting because that particular hairstyle is one that we've seen on Superman a lot in the past. It's been depicted quite often in the comics and was also adopted by several of the actors to portray the role prior to Henry Cavill. Is this an indication that the "reborn" Superman will be a more traditional version of the character than the dour, silent version we've had in the last two DC movies? Alternatively, is this a result of Supes first haircut after coming back from the dead?


Of course, the other item of note here, is that Henry Cavill is wearing the traditional red and blue Superman costume. While that may not necessarily seem like news, the last tease we got from the actor was the existence of an all black Superman outfit, a reference to the one the character wore in the comics immediately following his resurrection. It appears that while Cavill may be sporting the black outfit at one point in Justice League it may not last long, as he'll end up back in the classic design eventually. It's not too surprising. As iconic as the black look has become, due to its association with one of Superman's most famous comic book stories, he really only wore it for the one issue where he came back to life, and was back in the red and blue himself by the end of it. It's very likely something similar will happen in Justice League.

What do you think of this classic Superman look? Should Henry Cavill go with it from here on out or does the spit-curl not suit this version of Superman? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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