Henry Cavill Just Teased Superman's Justice League Suit, See It Now

Red and blue have been the colors associated with Superman for decades now, but in the upcoming Justice League movie, the color pallete of the Man of Steel's costume will be changing quite a bit. Henry Cavill has just posted a special tease on social media, suggesting that we will soon get to see the first ever live-action version of Superman's black suit.

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If you were to see this picture without context, you'd have no idea what it is - but the fact that it comes from Henry Cavill's personal Instagram account is obviously very telling. While he wore the classic red and blue costume in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it looks as though he will be resurrected in Justice League wearing a black outfit similar to the one that the character wore after he came back to life in the comics.

For those that don't remember, back in the early 1990s Superman had his first run-in with the monster known as Doomsday, and left with no other option, the Kryptonian hero seemingly sacrificed his life so that humanity would be safe. In reality, Superman wasn't actually dead, but instead in a seriously low power state that left him in a deep coma. When the body was in the Fortress of Solitude, the robots dressed him in a silver and black costume during his recovery, and Superman continued to wear the design for a spell after waking up and returning to the never-ending fight against evil:

Superman Black Costume

Those familiar with the black/silver suit from the comics probably won't be surprised by this news, given the costume change is a natural move following the death of Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But those who are familiar with the behind-the-scenes history of Superman movies will find this even less surprising. Warner Bros. has actually been trying to create a movie adaptation of the Death of Superman storyline ever since the event in DC Comics, and part of those plans have included getting the character in the alternate costume (there are many photos of Nicolas Cage wearing a prototype of the get-up floating around the internet). After decades of waiting,the studio is seemingly finally making it happen.

As obvious as the move to put Superman in the black suit may be, however, one might also see it as being a touch controversial. Zack Snyder and company have spent years dealing with fans who are angry about Henry Cavill's version of the character being dark and moody instead of the more traditional beacon of hope. These movie-goers have pointed to the fact that even the colors on the Superman costume in the DC Extended Universe are muted- so what are they going to think now that those colors are going away completely? Obviously it's only going to be a temporary move no matter what (Supes will always go back to red and blue), but it's still potential ammo for those not entirely in love with the incarnation of the character.

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