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Wonder Woman's first trailer premiered last month at Comic Con to a rapturous response from fans. However, that was slightly diffused when Suicide Squad was met with a poor critical response that suggested the DC Extended Universe still hasn't sorted out all of its kinks just yet. Wonder Woman is the next DC film to try and please both fans and critics, and it turns out that uber-geek and bona-fide film director Kevin Smith is already certain that it will do just that.

Speaking to Canoe, the Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Clerks filmmaker revealed there was one sequence in the trailer for the blockbuster that confirmed to him that Wonder Woman is in good hands. Which is good, because Kevin Smith also admitted that before then he was a little bit disappointed that he wouldn't get to see Wonder Woman beating down on Adolf Hitler. Kevin Smith explained:

I heard World War I; I'm like, 'World War I? No, man, World War II. Go after Hitler, motherfucker.' Then they show us a trailer of World War I, and suddenly you get the distinct impression they know what they're doing. Suddenly, they've got a shot of no man's land. The literal no man's land. Dude's covered in head to toe soldiers and a woman, bare legs, climbing a ladder and holding a shield against artillery fire. It was absolutely breathtaking. It made me, for maybe the eighth time this month, go, 'God, I wish I was a woman.'

While it's interesting to learn that Kevin Smith regularly considers changing his gender, it's great to hear that he is already drumming up enthusiasm for Wonder Woman almost 9 months before it's released. Because, let's be honest, the DC Extended Universe needs Wonder Woman to be both a critical and financial hit just to restore some pride to the heavily maligned franchise. It's hard to feel overly sorry for a cinematic universe that has already grossed $2.1 billion from just three films, but both Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad took such a critical shellacking over the last months that it's long become boring to register your disdain with their output. Mind you, it's not like they haven't deserved it, though.

Wonder Woman,

Plus, if Wonder Woman was to flop, the fact that it's been directed by Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot could be used as an excuse for Hollywood to lazily insist that female led blockbusters don't connect with a mainstream audience, and so they'll go back to their tried, tested and tired method of employing white males to oversee such productions. Those of you that haven't had the chance to watch and be impressed by the first trailer for Wonder Woman can do just that right now.

What's not to love? In just over two and a half minutes, you can already see that Jenkins has produced some truly sterling action imagery, while a flustered Chris Pine is always a joy to watch and Gal Gadot looks every inch the movie star. We'll get to see if Wonder Woman can build on this promise when it's finally released on June 2, 2017. Let's cross all our fingers and hope that it does just that.

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