The Reason Stan Lee Loves His Avengers: Age Of Ultron Cameo

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been making some serious changes lately. Moving forward from Captain America: Civil War, we'll be introduced to a ton of new characters and settings that will further expand the shared universe that was first introduced with 2008's Iron Man. And while certain things are bound to change as Phase Three of the MCU comes to a close, there are a few aspects which will be consistent as more films are included into the mythos. Namely, we can always expect a Grade A cameo from Marvel's grand poo bah Stan Lee. And although we can anticipate more Lee cameos in the next few MCU movies, his favorite one happened quite a few years ago.

Stan Lee has always been fairly vocal regarding his favorite cameo- as the military veteran in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But he's only recently explained (via Comic Book Resources) why that specific role made it to number one. Here's what Marvel Man himself said:

I did one where I was somewhere with Thor, God of Thunder and Thor was drinking some potent Asgardian drink. And I said, 'I want a sip of that... I can handle it. I took a sip, and the next scene I'm being carried out and slurring 'Excelsior.' Now, you may wonder why a scene that portrays me in such an unfavorable light is my favorite... I'll tell you, this cameo is the only one I can think of where I had two scenes. Maybe next time I'll have three!

It turns out Stan Lee is actually just a diva looking for screen time. Who knew?

In all seriousness, Stan Lee's appearance in Age of Ultron was certainly one of his most enjoyable. Rather than grabbing a quick one liner, he actually had a scene with both Thor and Captain America- with the rest of the Avengers also in attendance at the same party. Additionally, he ended up having a (very small) story arc. Lee's Veteran thought he could handle his Asgardian booze, but boy was he wrong.

I'd have to agree that Age Of Ultron contains one of the best Stan Lee roles from his rather extensive resume of cameos. And although I loved seeing a shwasted Stan Lee, I think I'd have to put his role in The Amazing Spider-Man as my personal favorite. In this cameo, Lee plays a librarian who happens to enjoy wearing sound cancelling headphones on the job. During his scene, we see the librarian go about his business as Spider-Man and Lizard battle and destroy his workplace. He's in very clear danger of becoming collateral damage, but happens to walk out of the scene untouched.

Check out the scene in question below.

What do you think? Does Stan Lee's drunken performance in Age of Ultron hold a candle to this nearly killed Librarian? Sound off in the comments below.

The next addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Doctor Strange, which will fly into theaters on November 4th, 2016, complete with a brand new Stan Lee cameo.

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