Ice Cube Wants To Do One More Friday Movie, Here's What's Holding Him Up

Before Ice Cube went through his awful family films phase that most actors seem to go through nowadays (remember when The Rock was the Tooth Fairy?), the rapper rose to prominence in movies with a little comedy called Friday. Directed by F. Gary Gray, and written by and starring Ice Cube, the film followed two unemployed slackers who have to scrounge up $200 they owe to a drug dealer before the day ends. The film introduced the world to the fast-talking Chris Tucker and went on to two sequels. There have been rumors of a fourth film in the works for a while now and Ice Cube has confirmed that it's finally gained some steam...except for one potential road block.

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The age old foe of the studio! This news comes from Ice Cube's Twitter account, with the actor-rapper confirming that a meeting has taken place for a fourth Friday seemingly titled The Last Friday. Ice Cube is down to return to the series but that's only if New Line Cinema wants to move forward with it. Considering that everything seems to get a revival these days, the chances for Last Friday seem pretty good. If even COPS can get a movie, then just about anything can.

One reason the studio might be holding back is that the Friday series hasn't been positively received as a whole. People may enjoy the first movie, but the imaginatively titled sequels, Next Friday and Friday After Next, weren't well received when they released in theaters. Neither sequel has over a 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. There's also the Chris Tucker of it all. Tucker was a standout of the first Friday, but he neglected to return for either sequel. Having Tucker in a starring role in fourth Friday would be a major get for the film, assuming he would want to come back. Tucker hasn't been doing too much these days, so that might be reason enough for him to want to come back for round two. If both Tucker and F. Gary Gray return, then it won't be so easy to dismiss this sequel.

As for why Ice Cube wants another Friday, the series is pretty much his baby. He wrote the first one and it served as a launching bad for his career. Plus, according to Jonah Hill in this clip from the Tonight Show, he still cracks up at the movie.

There's sure to be some traction for The Last Friday soon enough, so make sure to keep it with CinemaBlend for any and all future updates.

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