Every year, like clockwork, the summer blockbuster season comes and goes. We consider some films winners, and we consider some films losers; it's one of the most fun aspects of being a film buff. That being said, we have to say that this summer stood apart from many previous blockbuster seasons in a very specific way. Definitively, and without hesitation, I am going to make the claim that the summer of 2016 proved itself to be a serious disappointment for many moviegoers.

So many respectable franchises came to the table this year, but very few had anything of substance to offer. Don't get me wrong, some great movies hit theaters over the last few months, but the film industry needs a serious shot in the arm before the next blockbuster season rolls around. We've compiled a list of the seven lessons that Hollywood can learn from this summer. Check out our entries and let us know what else you think the film industry needs to figure out. Now let's get the ball rolling with something that we've been saying for years...

Not Everything Deserves A Sequel

Every summer we receive a ton of sequels that seemingly nobody asked for, but 2016 really showed how flawed that system has become. Two of the most prime examples of this phenomenon came with the releases of Independence Day: Resurgence and Now You See Me 2. As follow-ups to generally well-regarded standalone movies, most audiences still found these sequels to be superfluous, and the overwhelmingly negative critical reaction reflected that notion. Both films profited at the global box office, but neither could be considered a breakout success in any capacity. In an era defined by the $1 billion blockbuster, Resurgence making $380 million against a $165 million budget should tell the industry everything it needs to know. Dear Hollywood, we know sequels are easy, but not every story deserves a continuation.

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