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Warning: possible spoilers for Doctor Strange are ahead!

Magic is finally about to be fully unleashed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Audiences will follow Stephen Strange's journey from surgeon to sorcerer this fall in Doctor Strange, but he won't be the only one conjuring magic in the movie. Stephen will learn his new craft from the likes of The Ancient One, Mordo and Wong. Of course, Strange is the movie's official superhero, but he may not be the only mystical defender appearing, as a new rumor just hit that we may see Jericho Drumm, a.k.a. Brother Voodoo.

Doctor Strange

The folks over at The Hashtag Show are reporting that Brother Voodoo will make a "blink and you'll miss it" cameo in Doctor Strange wearing his "full costume." The recent Doctor Strange prelude comic book featured a quartet of sorcerer chasing after a woman who had stolen a magical artifact, and one of these pursuers was Daniel Drumm, Jericho's brother. Since the MCU comic books are canon (for the most part), that means there's already a Drumm set up in this world, so Brother Voodoo appearing is plausible, though obviously not confirmed.

Brother Voodoo

Brother Voodoo was introduced in 1973's Strange Tales #169 as a Haitian who came to the United States to become a psychologist. 12 years later, he returned home when Daniel Drumm was dying, and honoring his brother's final wishes, he studied under the voodoo houngan (priest) Papa Jambo. Jericho eventually became a powerful sorcerer and used his new magic skills, as well as Daniel's spirit, to defeat the evil sorcerer responsible for his brother's death. Much like how Doctor Strange is stationed in the United States, Brother Voodoo set up his base in Haiti, but he has fought alongside the good Doctor on many occasions around the world. For a time, Brother Voodoo succeeded Doctor Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme, but Stephen inherited the title again when Voodoo sacrificed himself to stop the entity Agamotto from regaining his fill power. Outside of the comics, he has only appeared in the video games Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Marvel: Avengers Alliance and Lego Marvel's Avengers.

We've said before on how Brother Voodoo would make an excellent addition for Doctor Strange 2, but if the above report is correct, Marvel is wasting no time in setting him up for a future appearance. That being said, unless they've already found a big star to cameo as him in Doctor Strange, it's likely that the sequel would recast the role with someone more well known, like when Marvel brought Josh Brolin aboard to take over Thanos duties from Damion Poitier. Regardless, like most superhero movie sequels, Doctor Strange 2 would surely up the villainous stakes, so Stephen Strange would surely welcome having Brother Voodoo by his side.

Doctor Strange casts its spell in theaters on November 4.

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