New Blair Witch Trailer: You’ll Never Go Back Into The Woods After Watching This

A horror movie called The Woods already sounded interesting and intense. When it was then revealed that the film was actually a sequel to The Blair Witch Project, things got even more intriguing. Now that the cat is out of the bag and the truth behind Blair Witch has been revealed, it's time to see what this movie is really all about.

The Blair Witch Project was a divisive film back in the day. While I really enjoyed it, I also had friends who refused to speak to me for a week after I recommended they go see it. After getting a real look at what this new Blair Witch is going to be, things will likely fall into those two basic camps once again. If you liked the "found footage" style of the original, you'll probably be willing to give this one a chance. If there's anything to look forward to for those who weren't fans of the original, it may be that modern video cameras now shoot in HD and have settings that help prevent that jarring "shaky cam" experience that made so many feel motion sick while watching the first film on the big screen. Isn't modern technology wonderful?

From a basic structure standpoint, Blair Witch promises to give us a lot of what we got in the first film. A bunch of people, out in the woods, who go looking for the mythical Blair Witch, only to apparently have the witch find them instead. The new film does apparently have more than just three characters, which should hopefully give us a bit more variety when it comes to our character interactions. If there was a part of The Blair Witch Project that probably did get on everybody's nerves just a bit, it was likely the fact that a large portion of the film was dedicated to three friends screaming at each other after they got lost in the woods.

Originally, The Woods was being portrayed as just another new horror movie franchise. However, when the studio decided to screen the film for a few lucky folks at San Diego Comic-Con this year, it was revealed that the movie being called The Woods was actually a sequel to a 17-year-old cult hit. Our own Eric Eisenberg was in attendance at that screening and you can get his initial thoughts on the film here. The basic plot line is essentially the same as the first film. The brother of one of the characters from the original movie holds out hope that his sister is still alive, and so goes off into the woods with some friends in order to figure out what happened to her.

Are you excited to see a Blair Witch sequel after nearly two decades? Let us know in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
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