The Flash: Which Rogues The Movie Might Use

Flash Rogues

Most major superheroes have their own rogues gallery, i.e. a collection of super villains that primarily or exclusively give said hero trouble. In The Flash's case, however, he literally has a team of Rogues who antagonize him on a frequent basis. Last week, The Rogues were reported to be the Scarlet Speedster's adversaries in his upcoming movie, but today, some of their membership may have been revealed, as Captain Cold and Golden Glider were named as possible members.

This update comes from Mashable writer Jeff Sneider, who tweeted today that he's heard Leonard and Lisa Snart will be villains in The Flash movie. It's hard to tell whether he meant they will be the only two antagonists or if they'll be part of a larger group. Considering that The Rogues haven't been officially confirmed yet, it may be a while until this information is verified, but having a brother/sister duo leading the team would be an interesting choice.

Captain Cold Golden Glider

Captain Cold is one of Barry Allen's oldest enemies, first appearing in 1957's Showcase #8. Golden Glider got off to much later start, not debuting until 1977's The Flash #250. After Lisa Snart turned to a life of crime to avenge her boyfriend, The Top (who had died after complications from various battles with the Flash took a toll on his body), she teamed up with her brother Leonard to pull off crimes. Lisa was later killed by a fellow cold-themed villain named Chillblaine, but was revived in the New 52 universe. Captain Cold primarily wields a cold gun against the Flash, while Golden Glider originally battled the Fastest Man Alive using specialized skates and jewel-themed weapons. In the New 52 continuity, an accident temporarily gave Cold cryogenic powers, while Lisa was able to conjure an astral form that could fly at enhanced speed and form lethal tendrils. Outside of the comics, Leonard and Lisa have appeared together in three episodes of The Flash TV series, played by Wentworth Miller and Peyton List, respectively.

After cameoing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, Ezra Miller's Flash will fully debut in Justice League next year, and his solo movie will follow soon after. So far the only other character who has been confirmed to appear in The Flash is Iris West, who will be played by Kersey Clemons. Barry's Justice League teammate Victor Stone, a.k.a. Cyborg, has also been reported to appear, though director Rick Famuyiwa has cast doubts about this. As for The Rogues, there are plenty of super villains to choose from to form the big screen version of the group, and if Captain Cold and Golden Glider are among their ranks, then it will take more than super speed for Flash to take them down.

The Flash races its way into theaters sometime in 2018.

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