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Everyone's favorite horror movie about an evil blind guy is looking at another good weekend in theaters. Don't Breathe managed to exceed expectations last weekend by coming in number one at the box office. It looks like this movie has got some legs on it, and will be accomplishing a similar feat two weeks in a row. The horror movie is projected to stand at the top of Labor Day weekend.

The Hollywood Reporter has the figures, and they report that Don't Breathe earned about $4.2 million on Friday. This makes its total for the weekend $17-18 million, almost assuredly putting it as the number one movie two weeks in a row. The film made splashes last weekend when it toppled Suicide Squad, preventing the August blockbuster from becoming the first film of the year to be number one four weeks in a row. Don't Breathe's domestic total is estimated to be roughly $39.5 million - not too shabby for a production budget of only $9.9 million.

Don't Breathe

The Fede Alvarez-directed film is the latest movie to prove that the summer of 2016 was really the summer of horror. While blockbusters and reboots have buckled and flopped (sorry Ben-Hur), horror films have remained a critical and box office constant. Movies like Lights Out, The Conjuring 2, and The Shallows (yes, it counts) have proven to be winners for their respective studios. Produced on low budgets, the movies have raked in big at the box office by horror standards. Frights and variety seem to have beaten out the more predictable and expensive blockbuster this summer.

Settling for second place this weekend is Suicide Squad, a film that is holding in strong for its fifth week in theaters. The superhero blockbuster is expected to make $13 million, which will push its domestic gross up to $300 million. Hot on Suicide Squads' tail is Bad Moms. The raunchy comedy will be pushed over the $100 million mark for the four-day holiday weekend. This will make Bad Moms the first R-rated comedy of the year to do so domestically. On the other side of the spectrum is newcomer Morgan, a sci-fi horror thriller that fell short of expectations. The Luke Scott - son of Ridley Scott - directed film is predicted to finish the weekend with $2.3 million, and it was originally expected to make $5-6 million.

Don't Breathe is having a good time in theaters, so if you're up for a scare on your day off then head over to your local movie theater.

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