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The Shallows Shark Attack Clip Will Scare You Out Of The Ocean For The Rest Of The Summer

In the beginning, The Shallows really didn't look like a possible sleeper hit at this summer's box office. But over time, the film has slowly started to win us over, by carefully choosing its footage and showing a more harrowing film than we ever thought it could be. That latest clip can be seen below.

Sony Pictures released this extended look at what looks like the initial attack by The Shallows' aquatic protagonist, and it looks even worse than we first saw it. In particular, watching an extended clip of Blake Lively tumbling and bumping against the ocean's hidden treasures made us cringe more than it did in the previous clip it was featured in. Though that's not the only reason that this new promo has us hopeful about the film's tone.

This new look at the menacing shark is a much more subtle and effecting clip than we've seen before. As impressive as the subsequent looks at The Shallows have been, the image of the rather cartoonish looking shark eating one of the other surfers still sticks with us after seeing it earlier this year. Though we'd assume that the public reaction to said trailer is probably what got us the improved tone in the last two clips. In case you need a refresher, we've included that infamous trailer below for review.

The Shallows is looking to be more of a competitive force at this weekend's box office than anyone could have guessed. With Independence Day: Resurgence starting to look like a bit of a blunder, there's a possibility that Blake Lively's new survival thriller could swim past the nostalgic sequel and make itself the victor of the weekend. Of course, we're not writing off Roland Emmerich's sequel just yet. All we're saying is it'll be interesting to see what the numbers look like coming out of Thursday night's early showings.

Still, this shark attack clip from The Shallows looks more and more like the sort of film we might consider going to see, especially if some of the more negative reviews on Independence Day: Resurgence turn out to be true. Both films open this Friday, so let us know which one you prefer in our Comments section below.

Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes

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