Tom Hanks plays real-life people in films an awful lot of the time. He does it so often, that many times we've found ourselves feeling like the movie we were watching must be based on a true story, even when that's not the case. Hanks simply makes everything he does feel real. Sometimes you find yourself jumping online after the movie is over to see whether the story you just say actually happened.

Sometimes Tom Hanks has been in films that were inspired by a true story. Other times, it simply takes place during an actual period of history. This certainly adds to the feeling that you're watching history unfold in front of you, but beyond that, Hanks just imbues his characters with a reality that makes them impossible to believe they were entirely made up. Here are six times we had to double check to be sure Tom Hanks was playing a fictional character.

The Terminal

The Terminal is one of those stories that was inspired by an actual story. There was once a man who lived for years in an airplane terminal. However, the story of The Terminal, as directed by Steven Spielberg, is actually not about that story. However, Tom Hanks makes Viktor Navorski feel like somebody who would respond to this situation in the only possible way. By living as best he can. Stuck in a place he can't leave, where people speaking a language he doesn't really understand, he just chooses to continue to exist. As we all would, hopefully.

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