Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them will bring Harry Potter fans back into J.K. Rowling's universe. Back in December, when the movie was in production, thanks to Warner Bros., we had the opportunity to visit the set of the production. Full disclosure, as a proud Harry Potter nerd, this experience did not go unappreciated, and I made it my mission to dig up as many clues and tidbits from the set to share with you.

This article contains some descriptions and things we saw and heard on the Fantastic Beasts set, some of which may be construed as spoilers.

Newt's Brother is a Powerful Auror

Colin Farrell spoke a bit about the connection his character has with Newt, through his brother Theseus. In the process, we learned that Newt's brother is a very powerful auror...

I've corresponded with Newt's brother who's a very, very powerful Auror also. At the other side of the Atlantic called Theseus who's commander and so, I don't know Newt but knowing his brother-- initially there's a fondness and then there might be a little bit of tension.

It's a surprising fact, given that Newt seems like such a timid guy. But very cool to know there's a connection between Graves and Newt through his brother. Given that this story takes place in New York, it seems unlikely that we'll meet Newt's brother in Fantastic Beasts, but perhaps he'll turn up in the sequel.

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