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Ever since Ryan Potter started talking up his wishes to play the Tim Drake variation of Robin in Ben Affleck's future Batman movie, the internet has been talking about that very possibility. So naturally, as any good artist on the internet knows, a good rendition of a dream casting actor in their desired role goes a long way. Truer words could not have been spoken after seeing the art presented below, which puts Potter in the role of his dreams.

Artist Boss Logic shared this hypothetical look at Ryan Potter in the role of Bruce Wayne's partner in crimefighting, and it's pretty impressive. Marrying the costumed look of Tim Drake's Robin to Potter's look shows us that not only is he a good fit for the character, but he's also a pretty dead ringer for the Boy Wonder. In fact, the only way we could get even more excited about the prospective Ryan Potter inhabited Robin is if Boss Logic, or any other artist for that matter, mocked up what it would look like with Potter standing back to back with Ben Affleck's Batman.

Having a more costumed look at Ryan Potter in his dream role is a handy resource to have, as fans who want to help theBig Hero 6 actor campaign for the role will gladly tweet and re-tweet this image just as much, if not a little more, than the audition video that started this whole conversation. If you haven't seen it for yourself, or have a desire to watch Potter's sweet fighting moves yet again, we've included the video below for your instant replaying needs.

When the fan art starts to roll onto the internet, you know that the community at large is behind your cause. As the fans have, for the most part, approved of Ryan Potter playing Robin in Ben Affleck's Batman solo-film, now is the time that the young actor should be stepping up his game. The best way to probably accomplish that is to film a screen test with actual dialogue from the comics, so that the fans can get a true feel for how Potter inhabits Tim Drake's persona.

There's plenty of time for Ryan Potter to shift into the next gear of his campaign, as Ben Affleck's Batman movie is looking to open at some point in 2018. Should anything change, we'll let you know as it breaks.

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