One Young Actor Is Campaigning Hard To Play Robin In Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie, Watch His Ass Kicking Audition


With only three films under its belt, there's still a lot of history up in the air in the DCEU. Most of this concerns Batman and his escapades leading up to his debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. What villains has he fought? And more importantly, what's going on with Robin? We know that he had at least one protegee that was killed by Joker, but was it Dick Grayson or Jason Todd? In either case, another Robin will presumably be on the way, and one young actor named Ryan Potter is already campaigning to suit up in red and green. Check out his awesome audition video.

Talk about go big or go home. Ryan Potter is a young actor and martial artiss best known for his voice role in Disney's Big Hero 6 as Hiro Hamada and the TV show Supah Ninjas. He's put together a pretty kickass video of himself beating up some goons in Robin fashion, and even rocks an awesome bo staff. Potter is specifically campaigning to play Tim Drake (the third Robin), though I don't think he would say no to playing any Robin that was offered. The ultimate hope is that the 20-year old actor will get to play the character in the upcoming solo Batman movie, which will be written and directed by Ben Affleck.

While DC Films' plans for future films and characters is anyone's guess, they might want to seriously consider Ryan Potter for Robin. Though he doesn't have as much celebrity as they might want, he's A) the right age and B) has the skills to pay the Bat bills. Casting young for Spider-Man: Homecoming has been generating positive buzz for Marvel Studios, so DC could opt for a similar option and not hire a 30-year-old to be a teenager.

Not much is known about the untitled Batman movie except for rumors of it featuring appearances from a variety of Batman's rogues gallery, with Deathstroke as the main villain. This could be the optimal place to introduce a new Robin into the DCEU; Tim Drake might be the backup that the Dark Knight needs in his solo adventure.

After The Joker killed Jason Todd, Batman went a little dark. Tim was just a normal (but brilliant) teen who deduced that Bruce Wayne was Batman, and convinced the vigilante to train him because "Batman needs a Robin." This may be the perfect choice to help temper the brutal DCEU version of Batman.

There isn't a release date for the new Batman movie yet, but keep it here at CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated.

Matt Wood

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