Here’s What Cyborg Almost Looked Like In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

A good portion of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was devoted to teasing the upcoming Justice League and the burgeoning DC Extended Universe. The movie saw cameos from Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg in the form of Wonder Woman casually browsing her inbox. While each hero gets a couple seconds devoted to them, it seems Cyborg might have originally had a different cameo. Check out this design for a Cyborg costume that went unused in the final film.

This photo comes from the Twitter account of Dennis Lamb, and shows off costumes for the Flash and Cyborg for Batman v Superman. While the Flash costume is his Knightmare armor from when he traveled through time to warn Bruce Wayne inside of his dream inside of another dream (yeesh), the Cyborg costume looks all new. The only time we see Cyborg in BvS is in a clip of his father Silas Stone applying what looks like a Mother Box to his son's extremely injured body. We never fully see the end result of that decision in the film, but this picture seems to hint that Cyborg might have originally had a bigger role.

The costume itself is pretty interesting. It looks a bit Transformers meets Ultron because of the gray body and red lights, but that probably isn't what it would have looked like in the finished film. The most notable thing about the costume is the face plate that seems to cover up the human half of Cyborg's face. I don't know if that's just there because Ironhead Studios didn't want to make half of Ray Fisher's face, but it could be a purposeful design choice. During the Justice League set visit in London, there was concept art of Cyborg with a face plate that would slide down when he entered combat, so it might be in reference to that. That concept art also had him with four arms, so who knows if it actually ends up in the movie.

The costume looks pretty similar to what Cyborg ends up having in Justice League. We haven't gotten a really good shot of Cyborg yet, but it looks like there are a few aesthetic differences. We don't know a lot about Cyborg's role in Justice League, but he will still be coming to terms with his transformation and his new role in life. He'll team up with Batman and the rest of the League in order to stop Steppenwolf and the Parademon invasion.

We'll be able to see Cyborg in action when Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

Matt Wood

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