Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice featured most of the Justice Leaguers, but it won’t be until Justice League: Part One that the heroes finally band together to protect the Earth. Since the movie was announced, there have been various rumors about who the villain will be, with the most persistent being that it will be Darkseid, especially following the hints towards him in the second DCEU entry. Well, if a new report ends up being true, it won’t be the Lord of Apokolips as the main antagonist, but his minion, Steppenwolf.

Introduced in 1972, Steppenwolf has been a recurring villain in the DC universe, and while the name holds more importance to the general population as a rock band than an alien warrior, rest assured, he’s a powerhouse. Many believe that he was the one who appeared in that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice deleted scene (more on that later), so him antagonizing the Justice League: Part One heroes would make sense. While it may be a while until Steppenwolf’s inclusion is confirmed, here are the things you need to know about him in case he does end up being the main villain.

He’s Darkseid’s Uncle
He’s Darkseid’s Uncle
If you’re reading this list, chances are you’re familiar with Darkseid and how he’s one of the DC universe’s greatest villains. However, what hasn’t been made clear in the movies yet is that he is part of the New Gods mythology created by Jack Kirby. One one side, we have Highfather and his followers on New Genesis as the "good guys" (though they’ve made their own questionable decisions), and the bad guys are Darkseid and his followers on Apokolips. Steppenwolf rests on the latter side, with Darksied being his uncle. Steppenwolf's sister was Hegra, and after her son murdered her (mainly for killing the woman he loved) and took her spot on the Apokliptan throne, he made uncle Steppenwolf the leader of his military and a member of his Elite. As long as Steppenwolf remembers who’s boss, he gets to retain his position of power.

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