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The Justice League Trailer In 8-Bit Form Is Nostalgic And Amazing, Check It Out

justice league 8-bit

Everyone loves a good old fashioned throwback. And because of this, nostalgia is currently ruling the world of TV and movies. Reboots and long awaited sequels return 20 somethings to a simpler time, and it appears that this trend will only continue to gain momentum in the coming years. One of the easier ways to go back in time is to play old video games, as simply booting up your old Sega Genesis or SNES will instantly put you back in the mindset of your childhood self. So what happens when we combine that sensibility with current blockbusters? Magic, that's what.

The folks over at JoBlo have done it again. They've done an 8-bit version of Zack Snyder's Justice League trailer, and it's both nostalgic and at times hilarious. Check it out.

Awesome, right? Joblo's John Stratman did another great job and created another top notch 8-bit trailer. Let's break down some of its finer moments.

To start, the above trailer somehow manages to keep the humor of Justice League's trailer, despite not having any actual dialogue. For those too young to remember, video games didn't always have voice actors who helped tell the story of the game. Instead, we had to read the scrolling dialogue as they appeared in text boxes. One would assume that the timing of trailer's dialogue would be lost with this method, but they'd be wrong.

The 8-bit trailer drops each funny bit of dialogue with remarkable timing, even though it's just text. We first see this with Wonder Woman and Bruce Wayne's interaction regarding Aquaman. In a moment of levity which will hopefully be present throughout the movie, they quip about Aquaman's reluctance to join the team and Bruce's failure in recruitment. In the 8-bit version, their dialogue is almost in unison with "he said no", miraculously echoing the tone of the real trailer. This is also done remarkably with The Flash's scenes, as Ezra Miller's captivating and thoroughly awkward performance was adapted perfectly into the 8-bit version.

While there wasn't a ton of action in the Justice League trailer that needed to be animated, the 8-bit version did capture each hero's style rather well. We were once again shown The Flash's blue lightning bolts that tend to show up every time he reaches a certain speed. Plus, Jason Momoa's terrifying Arthur Curry sure looked like a badass throwing Bruce Wayne around like a rag doll. And we didn't have to look at those weird white contacts, so that's a plus.

Overall from that, this trailer looks like an old school video game that I would have killed to play back in the day. Being able to play through a beat em up side scroller with the Justice League sounds like something I would have salivated over as a kid. And who doesn't love an old school video game version of an action movie, despite their flaws?

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