The Sound Of Music's Charmian Carr Has Died At 73

Charmian Carr sound of music

2016 has been a rough year for many. On top of the myriad stressors that are affecting presumably everyone on a daily basis, there have also been a ton of shocking celebrity deaths which touch and upset their wide audience, as well as loved ones. We've recently lost young talent like Anton Yelchin, legends like Gene Wilder, and now one actress who has touched generations of moviegoers has sadly passed away as well. Charmian Carr, who is known to the masses for playing Liesl Von Trapp in The Sound of Music has just passed away at the age of 73.

This news comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter, which is reporting that Charmian Carr died this past Saturday, September 17th. Carr's family made the announcement of her passing themselves, citing that the former actress died from complications from the rare form of dementia she had been previously diagnosed with. So while Carr's passing surely surprised the generations of people who loved her performance in The Sound of Music, is appears that those close to her were prepared for the passing.

Charmian Carr played Liesl in the 1965 film The Sound of Music, starring the always delightful Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. Liesl is Captain Von Trapp's oldest child and is the most featured of the Von Trapp children in both the movie and musical it was based off of. Carr famously sang Liesl's signature song "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" which was featured in the movie's soundtrack. This charming duet is one of the highlights of the film, as she and her suitor (who later turns out to side with Nazis) Rolf sing and dance their way around the Von Trapp yard. Later on on the film the song is reprised, and this time Carr was able to sing alongside Julie Andrews herself, who gives the 16 year old some sage advice.

For a refresher, check out "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" and watch how picturesque and talented Charmian Carr was in her glory.

While Charmian Carr was a highlight of The Sound of Music, she didn't have an extensive film career. Her only other film credit is Evening Primrose, which was a 1966 made for television movie. Aside from her acting work, Carr wrote two books and started her own design company.

While Charmian Carr's acting career may have been brief, she will forever be an icon for her work in The Sound of Music. Our thoughts are with her loved ones at this time.

Corey Chichizola
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