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It was only yesterday that we here at Cinema Blend were lamenting the absence of a trailer for the Jennifer Lawrence / Chris Pratt sci-fi vehicle Passengers. After the years of delays and cast shake-ups the Black List honored script had gone through, we weren't so sure we'd ever get to see it become a reality. Yet here we are, with Lawrence and Pratt front and center, and The Imitation Game director Morton Tyldum crafting a sci-fi world of wonder around them. Take the plunge with Passengers' first trailer, below.

Thanks to Sony Pictures for providing us with the long awaited first look at a film that's been years in the making, yet hasn't dulled in our imaginations. Passengers tells the story of Jim and Aurora, played by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, respectively. Both passengers on a generational ship named The Avalon, and awake almost a century before they were even supposed to be roused. The two passengers try to balance falling in love and saving the mission that their fellow humans were selected to carry out. Rounding out the cast are Lawrence Fishburne and Andy Garcia, who both look like they'll be playing officers aboard the Avalon, as well as Michael Sheen, who has been aptly cast as the ship's robotic bartender.

Considering the version of Passengers we almost had in front of us starred either Keanu Reeves, Reese Witherspoon, and Rachel McAdams, depending on which iteration you go by, it's a miracle we finally got the finished product we see in front of us today. While the original casting sounds inspired, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence look to have incredible chemistry in this first clip, with both shining through the comedic and romantic elements promised in Passengers.

Of course, that's before the terrifying reality of their situation sets in, at which point action gets thrown into the mix. There's an interesting cocktail of genre fare and big ideas being played with in here, with this film promising to be both high concept, as well as friendly to blockbuster audiences, which is an increasingly rare breed of film to come by.

Passengers Chris Pratt Jennifer Lawrence

Above all other praises that could be sung about Passengers, perhaps the greatest one is the fact that it could be the film sci-fi fans have been waiting for all year. While other genres, like comedy or horror, flourished this year, sci-fi didn't have too many standouts at the movies. Considering this film's pedigree, as well as the trailer we've just seen above, it looks like that trend could be reversed. If 2017 follows the lead Passengers looks to be laying down, then we're ready to see what's next.

Passengers orbits theaters everywhere on December 21st.