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Now that filming has begun on Jumanji, a continuation of the original movie with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart in the leads, the cast shared a first look of their characters in costume. Some poked fun at Hart and fellow comedian Jack Black. But others ,got really, really upset about the way Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillan was clad in a stereotypically sexy fashion. Well, the actress actually PLAYING the character had a blunt message for those who are breathlessly up in arms, and it boils down to, "See the movie before you start throwing stones."

Shelve that hot take, cyber columnist! There's a reason for Karen Gillan's clothing in the first look at Jumanji, and she won't tell us what it is just yet (though that didn't stop THR from running 9 possible reasons for her kid-sized clothes). Seriously, the reaction to Karen Gillan's costuming was fast and furious, with Twitter getting outraged, as Twitter usually does. Some of the most feverish posts on Gillan's lack of clothing included:

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So, now that Karen Gillan has weighed in on the controversial costuming, what could it mean? Take a look at her words. She calls them "child sized clothes," and I think that's the key. Jumanji has established a world where people get trapped inside of board games, so my best guess is that Gillan's character -- who we know nothing about just yet -- starts off as a child, gets trapped in the current version of the game, and emerges fully grown, but still wearing the clothes that she had on in the early scene. I mean, look what happened to Robin Williams when he popped out of the game in the original movie.

The Rock has emphasized over and over that this Jumanji, directed by Jake Kasden, is a continuation of the original story, and not a remake, which frees it up to make its own bold choices. So far, though, this one is in question, even with Karen Gillan weighing in. We'll continue to track what we know about the movie. It opens in theaters on July 28, 2017.