Star Wars: Carrie Fisher's Hilarious Reason Why Leia and Han Solo Broke Up

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There was no shortage of twists and emotional bombs dropped in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and one of the biggest ones was the reveal that Han Solo and Leia Organa had broken up. The "it couple" of the galaxy far, far away had called it quits, with the exact reasoning left ambiguous -- though it's safe to say that it had something to do with their son Ben falling to the dark side. Carrie Fisher has her own version of why the couple broke up and, in typical Fisher fashion, it's hilarious and full of euphemisms.

He smuggled way too much. And girls, I know you don't want your husband smuggling, do you? Hanging out with the hairy guy too often. I think there are a lot of problems with that. He wouldn't take me on that hyperspace thing enough... [that's a] euphemism.

Carrie Fisher was the guest of honor at the Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo (via NB), and in front of a crowd of Star Wars fans she revealed why Han and Leia put an end to their relationship. Apparently, Han spent too much time smuggling with the "hairy guy" and not enough at home with his wife. While hyperspace is a pretty good metaphor for a breakup, I'm not sure that it's a particularly flattering one with regards to Han's powers as a husband (hyperspace is awfully fast). Of course, it's pretty safe to say that this is non-canonical, but it's always nice to hear from Fisher. She's typically hilarious and sarcastic about everything, and hearing her version of Star Wars events is almost always entertaining.

Some long time fans were heartbroken to learn that pretty much the only romance in Star Wars (at least in the movies) was over. But Han and Leia's relationship status was just one of many revelations in the Force Awakens. Many things had changed for our characters over the years, like Han losing the Millennium Falcon and Luke going into exile for years. Maybe the biggest bomb was that Han and Leia had a son named Ben, who turned to the dark side and worshiped his grandfather, Darth Vader. That'd be enough to split up most couples, and Kylo Ren's patricide didn't really do anyone any favors.

You can check out Carrie Fisher at Saskatoon Comic and Entertainment Expo in the video below, in which she talks about which of Leia's hairstyles was the worst and what her real life relationship with Harrison Ford is like.

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You can next see Carrie Fisher as Leia in Star Wars Episode VIII, which is scheduled to hit theaters on December 17, 2017.

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