Watch Jack Black Hilariously Shut Down Jumanji Production In New On-Location Video

Making a movie is an incredibly difficult process. Sometimes weather won't cooperate, other times equipment won't cooperate, and then there are the times when a film's stars simply will not cooperate with the crew. Apparently that was recently case on the set of the new Jumanji film, as Jack Black shut down production in order to finish a meal. Luckily for us, Kevin Hart captured the moment on camera. Check out the hilarious video below to see for yourself.

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Kevin Hart recently posted the above video to his Instagram account, and it instantly became obvious that everyone on the set of the new Jumanji film has had a blast so far. Speaking into the camera, Hart lamented the various problems that can halt production of a film, and he then turned the phone to show the culprit in Jumanji's latest delay: Jack Black. Despite the fact that the crew seemed eager to go, Mr. Black appeared very intent on finishing his rice before continuing production. Hart and Black obviously played the whole ordeal for laughs, and it genuinely looks like they're having a great time making the new Jumanji -- even if they're forced to trek through the jungle to do so. I don't blame Jack Black; it's hard to find good rice these days.

Although the project has remained fairly under wraps for quite some time, the last few days have offered a series of great insights into the nature of the new Jumanji. For starters, we finally received our first good look at the film's central cast -- which consists of Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black. The first photo released caused some controversy (due to the revealing nature of Ms. Gillan's outfit) but that hasn't tempered our enthusiasm for how cool they all look in their respective roles.

Then there's the film's overall narrative, which hit the web yesterday. It seems that the plot of the brand new Jumanji movie is a complete inversion of the original film's story. Rather than following a group of kids on their mission to put the game back after it bursts into the real world, the new Jumanji will see a group of teenagers sucked into the world of the game, and they will find themselves transformed into "avatars" played by the film's central cast. This means that -- if nothing else -- we're definitely in for a very different Jumanji experience compared to the 1995 Robin Williams original.

Although Jack Black briefly shut down the Jumanji production to finish his rice, it looks like the film has slowly but surely come together quite nicely. We will keep you updated with more news related to the project as brand new information becomes available to us. Jumanji will hit theaters on July 27, 2017.

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