Watch Ben Affleck And Christian Bale’s Batmen Clash In Cool Mash Up Trailer

Now that Ben Affleck's Batman has appeared in the DC Extended Universe, the age old debate over who is the best incarnation of the superhero has expanded to include him. However, rather than carefully debating the positive and negatives of Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale's Batmen against Ben Affleck's, a sensational video has been carefully edited together to pit Affleck against Bale in a fist fight instead, and it needs to be viewed to be truly appreciated. That's something you can do immediately by clicking below.

While watching the above, I couldn't help but think that it was basically an elongated version of one of Batman's opening scenes from The Dark Knight, where Christian Bale had to contend with copycat Batmen that were trying to imitate the Caped Crusader. That said, it's obviously not quite as good.

In fact, there were so many Batmen flying around at the end of the clip that it's hard to tell who comes out on top. Considering what we've seen in each Batman film, my money would be on Affleck's, as he was moments away from defeating Henry Cavill's Superman only for the name Martha to immediately, and a little stupidly, erase all conflict.

The above fan trailer, which was stupendously put together by the good folks over at Screen Rant, actually seems to suggest that Ben Affleck's Batman is the villain of the piece, as he's labelled as "insane" with "no rules." That is hard to argue with, as Affleck is shown branding individuals with his Batman insignia, something that he did repeatedly in _Batman V Superman. _

Still, the fight wasn't just restricted toBen Affleck's Batman and Christian Bale's Batman, though. Because Bale turned to Michael Keaton for assistance towards the conclusion of the trailer, a revelation that immediately made me leap out of my chair in joy. Things got so heated that I was even worried Michael Caine and Jeremy Irons' Alfred Pennyworths might tussle, too. That would have been as excruciating as watching your father fighting your brother over Christmas dinner.


Overall, the Screen Rant video deserves huge kudos though as it is impressively edited together, especially as the fight sequence got more and more intense, as well as included scenes and moments from an increasing number of Batman films. In the end, though, you can't help but pine for each of the Batmen to simply put their differences aside and just hug it out, but obviously only after they'd entertained us with their spectacular fighting, though.

Gregory Wakeman