The Hot Wheels Movie Is Still Happening, Here's What We Know

Hot Wheels

Mattel has been entertaining children for decades with their toy lines, but much like their competitors at Hasbro, they're eager to spread their influence to the big screen whenever possible. Max Steel is finally hitting theaters next month, Masters of the Universe has slowly been making progress and a live action Barbie movie is also in the works. Now after years of resting in development hell, it looks like the Hot Wheels movie is finally accelerating back into action, this time with Justin Lin at the steering wheel.

According to THR, Lin recently closed a deal to "develop, direct and produce" a live action Hot Wheels movie through his production company, Perfect Storm Entertainment. The Star Trek Beyond director and his company will also be able to co-finance the project if they choose. In the meantime, Lin, his partner Troy Craig Poon and Legendary Entertainment will begin searching for a writer to tackle the Hot Wheels script. It's worth noting that this will not be Lin's next movie, as this is still in early to development. Not to worry, as Lin already keeping himself busy with a number of other projects, including directing and producing Space Jam 2.

Justin Lin's involvement is the latest stop in the long, winding road to make a Hot Wheels movie. Columbia Pictures first announced theatrical adaptation in 2003, with Charlie's Angels director McG attached to helm the project. By 2006, he had dropped out, and the Hot Wheels rights ended up at Warner Bros In 2011, Legendary Entertainment took the lead on the Hot Wheels movie, and stunt coordinator Simon Crane was later hired as the director, but obviously nothing happened with him, and the project's development has been parked over the last two years.

There have been various basic Hot Wheels premises reported over the last decade, from a young man trying to reconcile with his father to a state trooper fighting a criminal mastermind, However, the script penned by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway apparently going for a tone that would be "more Mission: Impossible than Fast & Furious." It's unclear whether Justin Lin's version of the movie will travel down that same route or opt for a different destination. Nevertheless, nearly 50 years after its creation, Hot Wheels remains as popular a toy line as ever, creating nearly 9 million cars each week. Considering that Justin Lin already has plenty of experience in the world of car-focused blockbusters helming four of the Fast & Furious movies, if anyone is properly suited to get Hot Wheels back in drive, it's him.

Stay tuned to Cinema Blend for all the relevant updates surrounding the Hot Wheels movie as more new comes in. For now, race over to the comments section to let us know what you think of this project putting the pedal to the metal again. Okay, the car puns are done now.

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