Marvel Studios changed the comic book movie game in 2008 when they created the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now the idea of a shared world of superheroes has become the norm, and other studios have followed suit with their own properties - be it Warner Bros with the DC Cinematic Universe or 20th Century Fox looking for new terrain with their X-Men characters. Now a new player will be joining the game: Valiant Entertainment! Thanks to a new partnership that the company has formed, in the coming years fans of Valiant’s books can expect to see several of their favorite characters appearing in live-action films.

According to The New York Times, the independent comic book company has joined forces with DMG Entertainment for a "nine-figure investment and partnership" that will include feature film financing, publishing, TV and marketing opportunities, as well as plans to develop the Valiant characters in the China and Asia-Pacific region. It may be awhile until these plans are fully developed, but Valiant has such a large library of heroes and villains that creating a cinematic universe won’t be a problem for them. These characters may not be as well-known as Marvel or DC’s, but with the right resources, they can be successful on the big screen. With that in mind, here are the five properties that Valiant should make as movies first.

5. Archer and Armstrong
5. Archer and Armstrong
When Obadiah Archer turned 18, he was sent to kill the ultimate evil in the universe: the 10,000 year old, heavy-drinking, adventuring immortal currently known as Armstrong. Unfortunately, Archer soon learned that The Sect, the people who raised him, are the true evildoers bent on destroying the world, specifically using an ancient device called the Boon. Allied together, Archer and Armstrong travel across the globe to stop The Sect’s conspiracy and defeat other threats along the way. Many have called these two one of the best comic book duos of all time, and it’s not often that we get to see two equally important comic book characters adventuring together on the big screen. Filled with both action and humor, these two are practically begging to get their own movie.

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