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Why didn't anyone tell us it was unofficially Wolverine day today? A ton of interesting tidbits tied to Wolverine 3 are hitting the web, and we're sprinting around like Quicksilver trying to keep up. First, director James Mangold dropped a script page on Twitter revealing a lot of information about the upcoming sequel. And then Hugh Jackman shared this!


Posted by Hugh Jackman on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

So, is the Unofficially Untitled Wolverine 3 movie now called Logan? It sure looks that way, as this building-sized billboard was shared on the official Facebook page of one Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine. (UPDATE: Shortly after, the studio confirmed that the movie will be titled Logan.) As someone on our staff immediately pointed out, the stripped-down, last-name-only use of the title calls to mind when Sylvester Stallone took First Blood all the way back down to Rambo... and also when he ended the franchise with Rocky Balboa (before Creed picked up the baton and ran with it). This wipes away the rumors that this last Wolverine movie would go with Old Man Logan, or even then rumor that they were flirting with the idea of calling it Weapon X.

Do you like the title? I'm not sold. It's a little generic, and it doesn't allow the movie to associate itself with one of those more popular comic book storylines. Now, that could suggest that James Mangold's second Wolverine movie, and the last to feature Hugh Jackman in the lead (at this time), isn't doing Old Man Logan from the comics, and in fact will be its own separate thing. For further clarification, we're going to have to lean on that first trailer, and while we have reached out to the studio for confirmation on when that trailer will drop, we have yet to hear back.

So, what do we know about Logan? This will be Hugh Jackman's ninth time playing the feral mutant hero on the big screen, and his third attempt at breaking Wolverine out into a solo adventure. Logan reteams Jackman with director James Mangold, who did The Wolverine and adapted one of the comic character's most famous adventure (in Japan) to the silver screen. But Jackman still maintains that they haven't perfected Wolverine on screen, and this -- by all accounts -- will be his final attempt at nailing the hero.

In addition to Jackman, the secretive sequel also stars Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier, Boyd Holbrook, Elizabeth Rodriguez as Gabriela, Doris Morgado as Maria, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, and Eriq La Salle. The movie has a March 3, 2017 release date. Are you excited for one more go in the Wolverine universe?

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