Suicide Squad Extended Cut Is Coming, Here's What We Know

We asked for it. We begged for it. Honestly, many of us even pleaded for it. Ladies and gentlemen, now it seems that our prayers have finally been answered. After a lukewarm critical reception and a surprisingly profitable theatrical run, an Extended Cut of David Ayer's Suicide Squad will soon hit shelves. Check out the trailer below.

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According to the above tweet from the official Suicide Squad Twitter account, an extended edition of the Task Force X solo movie will soon be made available. The above trailer doesn't provide too much information regarding how much additional footage will be added, but it's very clear that an overwhelming majority of the cut scenes will make their way back into the finished product. This means more Harley, more Joker, more Deadshot, and more of everything else that made the film so fun in the first place.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the trailer is the inclusion of more Joker/Harleen Quinzel scenes. Although a large number of flashback sequences involving Jared Leto's Joker and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn wound up on the cutting room floor, the Extended Cut will apparently delve far deeper into the history of their dysfunctional relationship. This will go a long way towards satisfying fans who felt misled by the advertising of the movie, as well as well as several of the film's stars. Even Jared Leto has remained incredibly vocal about his dissatisfaction with the final cut of the film, so this should make him very happy.

If the Suicide Squad Extended Cut stays true to the current DCEU tradition, then there's a very distinct possibility that this cut could go on to become the definitive version of the movie. Like Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted to incredibly mixed reviews when it hit theaters in March. However, the R-rated Ultimate Edition of Dawn of Justice has gone on to become widely praised for the way in which it bolsters the movie's characters and narrative. Suicide Squad suffered from a number of serious pacing problems, so we generally expect the same result this time around.

That being said, don't expect an R-rated version of Suicide Squad to hit shelves. David Ayer has already spoken out about the rating of the film, and asserted that Suicide Squad was designed with a PG-13 rating in mind. We may get more content, but that doesn't mean that the MPAA rating will go up as a result.

CinemaBlend will bring you more information concerning the upcoming release of the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad as new details become available. The film is already available for preorder on Amazon, so make sure to reserve your copy.

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