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New York City Comic-Con is underway this weekend, and that means great cosplay coming from the attendees. We love to see people's creativity coming out to create costumes based on their favorite comics, movies, and TV shows. Social media is full of people showing off what they've made this weekend, and we've collected several of our favorites.

Since so many comic book characters have made the jump to the big or the small screen or both, their popularity has skyrocketed. Still, we like to see that some people are still very much attracted to some smaller characters that haven't quite made the leap yet. We love Squirrel Girl, as well as the new Riri Williams version of Iron Man. What's you favorite?

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Fandom extends far beyond simply comic books, of course. Alongside those great characters are countless folks in the world of video games. Some of the most unique characters are from competitive titles, like League of Legends or from classic tournament fighting games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

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Cosplay is a great way to show off your fandom, regardless of what it is. We're all fans of something and whether you're the world's cutest Terminator or a couple of Ghostbusters looking for work, it's all about the love. While it's great to see the amount of work that so many have put into their passion projects, some people have fairly simple costumes. The point is showing off what you love, not doing an immense amount of work.

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