Watch Kevin Hart And The Rock Get Awkwardly Close In Latest BTS Jumanji Video

Being a movie star looks like it's all glitz and glamor. However, for Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, there is a dark side to being famous. Sometimes, to get a shot, you have to put up with some fairly uncomfortable things. The Rock has released a new, behind the scenes video of the Jumanji shoot, and it shows Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart getting a little closer than either of them would like.

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Public Service Announcement: If you're not familiar with the term "moose knuckle" it is a thing you can look up in urban dictionary, but that doesn't mean it's a thing you want to look up.

If Jumanji turns out to be half as funny on screen as it appears to be while shooting, this is going to be a fun movie. On the one hand, seeing the two actors harnessed together like that looks legitimately uncomfortable. It's unlikely any of us would be happy being in that position. However, at the same time, the dry delivery of them discussing their pain is hilarious.

Based on the attached caption from The Rock's Instagram account the scene that has the two actors tied together apparently involves them running through the jungle while The Rock carries Kevin Hart. It's an example of how the stuff that ends up on the screen looks significantly funnier than the situation was when they filmed it.

It's not exactly clear how long the two had to survive strapped together but it appears to have been awhile. Depending on exactly how long it took to get them harnessed up, it would make sense that they had to left that way in between takes. If the two running through the jungle is a major action sequence, then it likely required multiple takes in order to get all the angles they needed. Even if they nailed each shot the first time out there was still a lot of film to get, meaning these two were getting to know each other pretty well.

The new Jumanji looks to be taking a different angle on the "game coming to life" story from the original. Based on everything we know it appears this version of Jumanji will be a video game rather than a board game. Each of our four main characters are actually in-game avatars controlled by four kids playing the game. Where Karen Gillan and Jack Black are during this scene is unclear.

As with all remakes and sequels to well-loved films, people aren't sure what to think about the new Jumanji. Do you think the new movie looks funny based on what's going on behind the scenes? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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