One Big Change Being Made To King Kong For Skull Island

King Kong

Whether it's his original 1933 movie, the 2005 remake or all the ones in-between, King Kong has proved himself to be one of the most powerful monsters in all of fiction. The gigantic gorilla not only dominated supreme on his island home, but he's thrown New York into chaos in each version of the main story. Well, he's about to become even more powerful. Kong is returning to the big screen next year in Kong: Skull Island, and there, moviegoers will see the largest version of the gorilla yet, reaching triple digits in terms of height.

Kong: Skull Island was one of the many Warner Bros movies being presented at today at CineEurope, and in addition to attendees seeing an extended preview for the blockbuster, director Jordon Vogt-Roberts also said this regarding Kong's size, according to THR:

This is going to be the biggest Kong there's ever been. Not 10 foot or 30 foot, but a 100-foot ape.

If you thought that King Kong looked big in the previous movies, prepare for Kong: Skull Island's version to literally overshadow them. When he grabs a human in his hands, they'll look more like ants than small pets in his eyes, but above all else, this means it will be even more difficult to take him down. While the size change could simply be to make this Kong look more distinctive than his predecessors, it may also have to do with other future movies in the Legendary Pictures cinematic monster universe. Following Kong: Skull Island, the gorilla will return for 2020's Godzilla vs. Kong, where he'll not only battle the fire-breathing monster, but a number of other giant creatures.

At 10-30 feet tall, King Kong may have a huge advantage over humans, but he wouldn't stand a chance against these other monstrosities. At 100-feet tall, he'll be able to match them height-wise, and against certain adversaries, strength-wise as well. That doesn't mean he'll necessarily come out on top when he eventually comes to blows with Godzilla and the others, but at least the scales have been tipped more in his favor. It also means it will take him less time to climb the Empire State Building, assuming this version of him ever makes it there.

Taking place in the 1970s, Kong: Skull Island will follow a group of Vietnam War-era soldiers and other interested parties traveling to the island where the legendary beast resides, and just like in the previous movies, Kong is not going to take their presence kindly. The movie's ensemble cast includes Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Brie Larson, Jason Mitchell, Toby Kebbell, Corey Hawkins, John C. Reilly and more.

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters on March 10, 2017.

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