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Why Filming With Darth Vader Led Rogue One To A Funny Interruption

When Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits screens in December fans will get their first look at the iconic Darth Vader in years. However, bringing the character back appears to have caused its own problems on the set. While Ben Mendelsohn was filming one of his first scenes with the Dark Lord of the Sith, he had to call director Gareth Edwards over in the middle of a take. It turns out Mendelsohn was a bit star struck. Edwards didn't help matters.

He went, 'It's Darth Vader. We filmed with Darth Vader.' And I was like, 'I know. It's amazing, isn't it?' It was like no one wanted to admit that they're having a little fanboy freak-out but everyone did. It's impossible not to. He's so iconic.

One of the more interesting aspects of the return of the Star Wars franchise has been the fact that the generation that grew up watching Star Wars, is now the generation that's making Star Wars. These characters are as much a part of people's lives as any in the history of fiction, and now the kid who was scared of Darth Vader as a child now has to direct a guy wearing the same armor. It's clear from Gareth Edwards comments to USA Today that he was one of those kids.

It's hardly the first time such a moment has taken place either. Stories have also come out from the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens that the first time the film crew saw Han Solo and Chewcabba on board the Millennium Falcon they fell into a reverent silence. Those of us who have been fans for almost 40 years have a hard time believing these events are happening on screen. For the people who are actually making them happen, it has to be surreal.

What's most funny is that we fully expect some little kid who is being introduced to Star Wars for the first time is probably going to find Ben Mendelsohn's Director Krennic to be an equally terrifying figure, yet the actor who played the part had a fanboy moment on the set. Not that we can blame him, however. If we were on the set of a Star Wars movie, we'd be freaking out too.

While all indications are that Darth Vader will not be a major part of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a role of any size will be a big deal for fans. While Darth Vader is supposed to fill people with fear, we won't be surprised if cheers of joy fill theaters across the country, and the world, when one of the great movie villains of all time returns.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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