Warner Bros brought a lot of cool content to San Diego Comic-Con this past summer, among which included the first Wonder Woman trailer. It provided an excellent first taste of what to expect from Diana of Themyscira's solo movie, from the World War I setting to seeing her wield magic weaponry against enemy soldiers. It's only been three months since that trailer premiered, and we still have eight more months to go until the movie's release, but fans should brace themselves for another preview.

Last week, the next Wonder Woman trailer was classified, meaning it could arrive as soon as later this week with the U.S. release of Doctor Strange or later in November alongside a blockbuster like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Either way, it's coming soon, and we've taken the opportunity to list the five main things we want Warner Bros and DC to show us in the preview.

The Clearly-Identified Main Villain

There were two figures in the first Wonder Woman trailer who were implied to be the movie's primary antagonists, though that doesn't necessarily mean there won't be more evildoers. The first was Elena Anaya's character, a lady wearing an unusual mask covering her nose, mouth and left cheek. Anaya later confirmed that she will be playing a villain, but did not reveal who. The second figure was Danny Huston's character, a man dressed in a military uniform who appeared to be Diana's target at a fancy gala, judging by the way she was reaching for her sword.

While these ambiguous shots were appropriate for the teaser, now's the time that Wonder Woman should make clear who will be the main antagonist of the story will be, if only because neither DC or Warner Bros have officially announced who it is. Previous reports indicated it would be Ares, and he will supposedly be partnered with Circe. Huston seems like a good fit for Ares, but we're skeptical about if Anaya is playing Circe. Regardless, the next trailer needs to clearly show which mystical adversaries Diana will battle in her solo adventure. After all, it's not like she'll be beating up Central Powers soldiers the whole time.

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