The Major Wonder Woman Rumor Chris Pine Just Debunked

Chris Pine

When a Wonder Woman movie was officially announced two years ago (after years of languishing in development hell, no less), most fans assumed that Steve Trevor, a longtime member of the Amazon's supporting cast, would appear, and they were right. That role eventually went to Chris Pine, who will play a Steve that meets Diana during World War I. However, a rumor later made the rounds saying that Pine would also play another character in the same movie, but the actor has confirmed that won't be the case.

Back around December or so, it was reported that Wonder Woman would feature several time periods, and in the present day, we would briefly see Chris Pine play Steve Trevor's grandson in the present day. The Huffington Post caught up with Pine to find out if the "multiple roles" rumor is true, and he shot it down with a simple "No." So there you have it. While the different time periods aspect of that rumor may still be true given set photos showing Diana in Gotham City in the present day, don't expect to see Pine play a Trevor descendant. Fortunately, he'll still have plenty to do in Wonder Woman, as his character will wash up on the shores of Themyscira and guide Diana through the outside world during her journey.

Admittedly, having Chris Pine play several versions of Steve Trevor wouldn't have been unprecedented. In the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show, Lyle Waggoner played Steve Trevor, who worked alongside Diana during World War II. When Season 2 jumped forward 30 years, Waggoner remained on the cast, only this time he played Steve Trevor Jr., who knew about Wonder Woman from stories his father told him. Having Pine play Steve's grandson (or more likely, great-grandson) would have been a fun homage to the Lynda Carter-led series.

It's worth noting that Chris Pine signed a multi-picture deal when he joined Wonder Woman, which is typical procedure nowadays with major actors on superhero movies. That said, DC and Warner Bros made not decide bring him back for a Wonder Woman sequel or another DC Extended Universe entry. Even if they do, unless the events of Wonder Woman somehow lead to Steve Trevor being put in some kind of stasis, his appearances would be limited to flashbacks or dream sequences/hallucinations. Keep in mind that this also doesn't necessarily mean that we won't ever see Steve Trevor III or IV in the modern era; it will just be someone else playing him. Considering Steve's career as an intelligence officer in the comics (specifically working for A.R.G.U.S. in the New 52), it would be a shame if we didn't see this aspect of his character realized on the big screen through one of Steve Trevor Sr's same-named descendants.

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

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