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Marvel is trying something incredibly different with Doctor Strange. Given the introduction of magic to the MCU, the Sorcerer Supreme's origin movie is a seriously bold step for the superhero giant, but moves like that only really pay off if people actually go to see the movie. With the film's opening weekend upon us, the financial projections have started to roll in. Although the early reports are more modest than some of Marvel's biggest event films, it seems that Doctor Strange is another home run for the studio.

Doctor Strange

A brand new report from Deadline indicates that Doctor Strange will open to an incredibly strong start this weekend. The numbers are still fluctuating, but it's currently looking like Doctor Strange could open to a three-day weekend gross between $65 million and $70 million domestically when all is said and done. While that's definitely a far more modest gross than Captain America: Civil War's $181 million three-day gross, it's a solid start for an obscure character in a standalone movie, as the film is already closing in on the $100 million mark overseas anyway. Beyond that, the increased cost of 3D tickets is expected to bolster Doctor Strange's overall gross, as those who have seen the film have thus far raved about its use of the technology.

It also helps that Doctor Strange has plenty of good critical reviews on its side. While it reportedly falls short in a few common Marvel categories -- lackluster villain, familiar "cocky hero" archetype -- those who have seen Doctor Strange have given the film generally glowing reviews. In fact, Doctor Strange is currently sitting comfortably with a 90% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. All things considered, it looks like Marvel has definitely done it again.

Of course, it's definitely worth noting that Doctor Strange's release date gives it an inherent disadvantage compared to other Marvel films. While most of Marvel's movies have hit theaters during the summer months since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange is opening in a typically less lucrative fall month, not unlike the lackluster Thor: The Dark World.

Doctor Strange follows the tried and true Marvel origin story path, with one major twist. Despite the fact that certain aspects of the story will feel undoubtedly familiar to fans of the MCU, Strange sets itself apart as the first movie in the entire Marvel cinematic continuity to fully embrace the outlandish concept of magic. That's a big deal for the future of Marvel's silver screen properties, and nothing will be the same for Earth's Mightiest Heroes once Stephen Strange has officially made his debut.

Check out a trailer for Doctor Strange below:

We will bring you more news related to the financial performance of Doctor Strange as new information becomes available to us. Stephen Strange will finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe this weekend on November 4 when Doctor Strange debuts in theaters.

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