The Flash Character Who Filmed A Justice League Cameo

Zack Snyder's Justice League is going to be a massive affair. The movie is still over a year away, and it's already become incredibly clear that just about every central hero's respective corner of the DCEU will receive some pretty thorough exploration. Now it seems that the Justice League supporting cast just got a bit larger, as we've just learned that actress Kiersey Clemons actually filmed a cameo as Iris West in the upcoming superhero epic.

Variety film reporter Justin Kroll recently took to Twitter and addressed certain rumors that have swirled around the production of Justice League. His tweet seemingly confirms that actress Kiersey Clemons filmed a cameo scene as Iris West in Zack Snyder's upcoming Justice League film -- he would go on to later clarify that the second "Clemons" in the tweet is typo, and should read "Iris." There are no concrete details regarding the nature of the scene, but as of now, she's at the very least slated to appear in the film. The DCEU has played fast and loose with certain aspects of the DC continuity, but it's pretty clear that the romance between Barry Allen and Iris continues to persist against all odds.

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However, the recent shakeup with The Flash solo movie has us wondering whether or nor Kiersey Clemons will reprise the role of Iris West in The Scarlet Speedster's 2018 adventure. She signed on to the project after Rick Famuyiwa agreed to direct, and it's not outside the realm of possibility to wonder whether or not she may depart the project now that he's gone. The two had previously collaborated with one another on the 2015 indie hit, Dope, and actors have a tendency to stick with directors that they like, and vice versa.

Following his initial report that Kiersey Clemons did in fact film scenes for Justice League, Justin Kroll went on to indicate that her scenes could be cut from the final cut of the DC superhero team-up movie if Clemons does not return for The Flash. This means that whatever scenes she filmed for Justice League will take the form of cameos, rather than anything with a great deal of substance or overall impact on the central narrative of the film.

So as of now, we can confirm that Kiersey Clemons is in fact involved in the production of Justice League. Whether or not she remains part of the DC Extended Universe for the foreseeable future remains to be seen. CinemaBlend will bring you all of the latest and greatest DC news as more information becomes available to us. For now, Barry Allen and Iris West will make their respective debuts when Justice League premieres on November 17, 2017. Stay tuned for more details!

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